11 Weeks Pregnant

Oh man! This week has been rough! My anxiety is out of this world. I have severed self-worth issues. I feel like the worst mother in the world. I feel like my kids hate me. I feel like everyone thinks I’m a problem in their li48041582_10157048088269674_2926889829901795328_nfe. I know these things aren’t true but I cannot help it.

This week, the baby is the size of a lime. Baby is getting much bigger! Woohoo! We are having another ultrasound too. We cannot wait to see our little one again!

A new symptom this week is round ligament and muscle pain. As things start to grow they also stretch. This causes a lot of pain. Later on in my pregnancy, I will experience a lot of pain that may or may not put me on bed rest.

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10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks already! 1/4 of the way done! Where is time going?

In week 10, The baby is the size of a strawberry. Yum! Haha! Some of my symptoms are still the same. I feel like my headaches have improved. I am still very tired and hungry. Oh my gosh! I have to pee! I always have to pee! I get up 5-6 47128026_10157030099034674_2393012862294425600_n.jpgtimes a night. It is getting crazy! Send help.

My anxiety is so bad. I am making myself physically ill. I will be in the bathroom sick for hours. I am not a fan of this. It is very hard because I am staying at home with my two girls. I cannot leave them alone while I sit in my bathroom in missery. SOS!

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9 Weeks Pregnant

Pop! My belly is getting bigger! 9 weeks is one of the better weeks! In this week baby has been promoted from an embryo to a fetus! The risk for miscarriage drops significantly.  Also, around this time the heartbeat may be picked up by a fetal doppler. I own a doppler but was unable to find a heartbeat. No worries! I have a retroverted uterus making it hard to pick up the heartbeat. 47233939_10157025114429674_1126284452444504064_n

In week 9, the baby is the size of a cherry. He or she is almost an inch long! I have the same symptoms from the previous weeks. Headaches, anxiety, exhausted, and hungry. One new symptom this week is heartburn. I experienced heartburn with my first pregnancy before I even saw a positive test. This time it hasn’t been so bad. I am anxiously waiting for the second trimester hoping I will see an improvement.

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7 Weeks Pregnant

So, here we are in week 7. Baby is the size of a blueberry.

My symptoms this week are about the same as last week. I am exhausted and starving all the time.

I do have to say, I feel much better in week 7 with this pregnancy than my previous two. With my other pregnancies, week 7 and 8 were miserable. Like in bed, sick, couldn’t 46194092_10156988896239674_8146802887423426560_nmove, and didn’t want to see the world. This time I am feeling ok. I am happy about that!

I am starting to develop some unexplained anxiety. I seem to have nightmares and panic attacks at night with no explination. I am hoping it is from school and coaching but I can’t seem to find a reason for feelign anxious and stressed out. I am hoping it will pass. Time will tell!

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5 Weeks – Pregnancy Update

Here we are at 5 weeks! 34 more weeks to go! I will be induced early at 39 weeks and no later. So I get to skip out on one week of pregnancy! Trust me, I am not complaining about that. Not even a little.

5 weeks started some new and fun symptoms. Joy5 weeks. I am TIRED. Like drop dead, can’t get up, can’t open my eyes, EXHAUSTED. Yeah, that’s a common symptom at this point. So I can’t say I am surprised. I am also crazy hungry. I can eat a full meal and 10 minutes late feel like I haven’t eaten in a year. I am starting to pee more frequently. Especially at night. I get up at least 3-4 times in the middle of the night. Exciting stuff isn’t it. Sigh.

Baby is the size of an apple seed. Baby is going to double in size over the next week. But the end of week 5 baby’s heart has started to beat. You probably can’t see it in an ultrasound though. Some people are lucky and do see it this early. I will not have my first ultrasound until 9-10 weeks. The baby looks like a little tadpole right now. It’s amazing how much it will grow and change over the next few weeks. I’m astounded my body can even create one child, let alone 3!

I have been eating healthy and watching my diet. I have cut out all caffeine, soda, and as much sugar and salt as I can. I eat an avocado every single day. This is a great source of folic acid for brain development. I also eat a lot of spinach and eggs. I will make sure to share some of the recipes I have created while pregnant. I’m sure you would love them!

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Week 5 Update

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4 Weeks Pregnant!

Hey there everyone! I wanted to give everyone an update on the pregnancy! I am going to try to write a blog for each week of the pregnancy! If you want to keep up with the pregnancy but do not feel like reading, check out 4 weekmy update videos on YouTube!

So 4 weeks. What is there to say about this. I am not that far along yet. Baby is the size of a poppy seed. Super tiny! But growing! I feel ok so far. I haven’t been sick. I do pee a lot but nothing crazy, yet! I’ve been having heartburn and headaches. I mostly feel like myself. It was the same with my first two. I didn’t start feeling much until around 6-8 weeks in.

4 weeks3I have my first OBGYN visit on November 19th. I will be 8 weeks and 2 days. I do not think I will see the baby at this appointment. It is usually a 2+ week wait to get scheduled for an ultrasound.

I am anxious to see how things go this time around. Each pregnancy gets harder. I am considered high risk. I hope my body can hold up to another pregnancy!

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