Easy Work From Home Jobs – Perfect for Corona Virus Quarantine

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How To Start A SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel | Step By Step For Beginners

Vlog channel: youtube.com/DanieDanny22 Personal channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB4daUO5sZ_zGqq5C_YHHBw Hi Everyone, Welcome back! If you are new here! Welcome to my channel! My name is Danie. If you are interested in making a Youtube channel, work from home jobs, and how to make an easy livable income from your own couch, please consider subscribing! Today I am goingContinue reading “How To Start A SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel | Step By Step For Beginners”

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Haakaa Breast Pump – The Best Breastfeeding Tool!

Well, let me just tell you about the most amazing product! Recently, I gave birth to my third daughter. I knew I was going to breastfeed. I always struggled with breastfeeding. I have inverted nipples, I have an undersupply, I had to pump full time. Pumping is always so hard, especially with 3 kids underContinue reading “Haakaa Breast Pump – The Best Breastfeeding Tool!”

6 Montessori At Home Meal Prep Sequence

There’s no lying in saying that Montessori learning is outstanding! Montessori aims to teach practical life skills while allowing the child to learn and grow at their own pace.  One of the more daunting processes is meal prep and cooking. I mean honestly, the though of your 18-month-old child waving a knife around it prettyContinue reading “6 Montessori At Home Meal Prep Sequence”

Day In The Life – Mom of 3 Under 3!

Well, well, well. A mom of 3 under 3. What could this life be like? Do toy want to know?! I am going to tell you! If you want to watch, find us on YouTube! I will link the video!   A typical day for me starts by getting up at 3am! Ouch! This isContinue reading “Day In The Life – Mom of 3 Under 3!”

DIY Octahedron Mobile – At Home Montessori Education

Wow! 6 weeks old! I cannot believe my baby is 6 weeks old already! You know what that means? It is time to move on to the next Montessori Mobile! The next mobile in the Montessori Mobile Series is the Octahedron Mobile. The Octahedron mobile is for use around 6-16 weeks. It is certainly acceptableContinue reading “DIY Octahedron Mobile – At Home Montessori Education”